Why Play-Based Learning Is Ideal In Early Education

17 April 2023
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Play-based learning has a huge role in early childhood education. It is a child-centered approach that will prioritize creative exploration, being active, experimentation, and discovery through various types of play. It also provides a fun learning experience that is hands-on and engaging, all while being appropriate for a child's young age. Here are some key things you should know when selecting a daycare for your child that uses play-based learning. 

The Importance Of Play-Based Learning 

Play-based learning offers an open-ended and child-led approach to learning. It encourages children to explore all of their surroundings while they make sense of their world. Your child will be able to develop cognitive skills since they are able to problem solve and think creatively by experimenting with cause-and-effect. Children also tend to ask questions and develop decision-making skills as they play. 

Your child will also develop social skills, which are very important for their social development. Play-based learning allows a child to interact with other children and adults, as well as develop relationships with them. Children learn how to collaborate and communicate effectively, as well as share their own ideas with others. 

Emotional skills will also be developed, which can include self-regulation and empathy. Children express their emotions while playing and experience the emotions of other children. Through play, children learn to deal with anxiety and stress every day, which helps build their self-esteem and self-confidence over time. 

The Reason Play-Based Learning Works

What makes play-based learning unique is that it is not led by an instructor the way you would see in a traditional classroom. Instead, it allows a child to take the lead on their own and follow what naturally interests them. Children are provided with a range of different resources, tools, and materials, and they can use them to experiment on their own. Teachers assist by observing and providing guidance as needed. 

The Role Of Play-Based Learning

You will find that many daycares offer play-based learning because of how play is such an essential component of childhood. Children naturally want to learn things on their own, and they need to be encouraged with an environment that allows them to explore. Play-based learning is also self-directed, which makes the experience meaningful to the child. They are learning through experiences that they are interested in, and will be more likely to develop skills that help them succeed as an adult. This includes emotional, social, and cognitive skills. 

To learn more, visit a child learning center in your area.