How To Work With Your Child's Daycare Center To Instill Moral Values

5 May 2017
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Besides happiness, one of the things that parents want to make sure they instill in their children are moral values. However, there is a good chance that your children will not be instilled with moral values if you do not take the time to teach them. If you notice that your child is often getting into fights at daycare or engaging in other immoral behaviors, it is time to take action and work with the daycare center to improve your child's behavior.

Communicate With The Daycare About Your Concerns

One of the challenges of teaching moral values is that you may not have enough free time to teach these values to your children. Instead, the multimedia and peer pressure play a major role in crafting your child's worldview. To overcome this, communicate with daycare workers about the moral values that you would like to instill in your children. You will also want to discuss moral issues with your children in a non-judgmental way so that they will want to come to you instead of their peers.

Prioritize Moral Values

Decide on what moral values you want to prioritize. While you may prefer that your child behave morally in all situations, teaching too many moral values at once can be confusing. Look for a daycare or a similar program that promises to teach these values.

Talk To Your Child About His Or Her Daycare Experiences

Talk to your child about what is going on at daycare. If there is a conflict, such as if your child gets into a fight, ask him or her about what happened. Then, discuss the incident with the daycare worker and find out if your child was telling the truth. This is a good opportunity to discuss morality with your children and what should be done in this situation. If your child lies about the incident, this is a good time to reinforce what actually happened. If your child told the truth and continues to tell the truth in the future, you can focus on reinforcing other moral values.

While it is helpful to teach your child moral values, it is important that they also are able to make moral decisions on their own. Ask your child questions about his or her thoughts and feelings and encourage self-direction. By placing responsibility on your child to decide what is right and wrong, he or she will be more flexible when making decisions in ambiguous situations.