How To Make Your Child Care Center Stand Out From The Others

25 March 2020
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Running and owning a child care center may seem like a job that is going to always be busy, and you may be right. However, with so many other competitors out there, you still need to make sure that your child care center sticks out from the others. To stay competitive and relevant, there are a few different things that you can do. 

Offer Organic Snacks

Parents now more than ever are concerned with what their children are putting in their bodies. Try creating a menu of snacks and meals that are only made out of strictly organic and healthy foods. For instance, rather than serving kids with something traditional like fish crackers, consider getting an organic alternative instead that is packed with fewer preservatives and additives. Also, make sure that your menu includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well so that all of the kids are getting the nutrients that they need. One great idea to give kids their fresh fruits and veggies is to make smoothies for them.

Offer a Strict Curriculum

While a lot of parents just want to know that their kids are safe and healthy while they are at work, some parents are looking for something more for their children. Try creating a set curriculum for every age group (over the age of 18 months) at your child care center. By giving kids things to do and learn about, you can help them grow and be prepared to start elementary school in the next couple of years. As their parents see them grow and develop, they will be more likely to refer your child care center to their friends and neighbors. 

Provide a Safe Space for Napping

It's no secret that kids are adaptable, and when they are really tired, they can nap just about anywhere. Because naps are such a fundamental part of a child's physical growth and cognitive success, setting up a safe space for them to nap is critical. Try setting up cribs and sleep mats in a room that is safe, quiet, and closely monitored. Then, have each child bring a blanket and pillow with them to make nap time that much more comfortable and familiar. 

When you set your child care center apart from those around you, you are more likely to be successful and keep all of your slots full. By providing these things to parents and children, you can hopefully encourage more people to sign up year after year.