What Do Kids Do In Preschool?

9 March 2022
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Far too many parents decide for their children to forgo preschool. They incorrectly believe that it won't make a difference if they wait to start school in kindergarten instead.

Are You Considering Signing Your Child up for Preschool?

Preschool is optional for children, but that doesn't mean it's not essential. Kids who attend good preschools are more likely to do better academically when they're older. Why not give your child an edge over their peers?

Students perform many tasks during an average day in a preschool classroom. While they seem simple, some of these tasks will help build your child's character. You might even start to notice positive changes at home after the first few weeks. 

Here are some of the everyday activities that take place during an average day of preschool:


At the beginning of the day, the teacher will take attendance to make sure everyone is where they should be. Children enjoy hearing their names called and saying "here" or "present." It also teaches the kids to remain patient and silent while waiting for their turn.

The Daily Lesson

Aside from things that preschool students learn every day, there will also be specific lessons that teach the kids about various subjects. These lessons might focus on numbers, the alphabet, science, holidays, and more. 

Meal Times

Most preschools will provide their students with breakfast and lunch. Rather than going to a cafeteria, preschoolers usually eat at their tables in the classroom. The students will be encouraged to practice polite eating habits.

Snack Time

It doesn't take long for hungry kids to get rambunctious. That's why it's essential to have a scheduled snack time between breakfast and lunch. 


Playtime is an essential way for kids in preschool to learn valuable social skills. The earlier they know how to get along with other children, the better. Many kids struggle in this department, so it's best to nip it in the bud early. 

Bathroom Breaks

In preschool, it's common practice to have regularly scheduled bathroom breaks throughout the day since younger children can have some issues in this department. Typically, the whole class will walk to the bathrooms together, and whoever needs to go can do so. 


Storytime is a way for preschoolers to get excited about reading. The teacher will usually read aloud to the students in a fun, interactive way. 

Clean Up

Preschoolers are messy, and the classroom will usually look quite disastrous at the end of the day. It's common for the students to have a designated time to clean up their areas and any messes they've made during the day.

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